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I encourage you to meet up with study groups in real life or online, and to take advantage of the online/in-person tutor that Ohlone College is providing. This is one of the best ways to study, practice and review.

Fall Semester ONLY : You are also welcome to attend any of the in-person classes at Newark on Mon & Wed from 9:45-11:50am, room 2119.

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Fall Online Course sections
SPAN-101A-04 (067753)
SPAN-101A-05 (067754)

MANDATORY ONLINE ORIENTATIONS to be worked on during the week *before* classes start and completed by Sunday, 5pm (the evening before the first day of classes).

Native Spanish speakers: contact me ASAP. You have several options for how to take this class.

Again, Students who fail to sign into & purchase the following online programs by Sunday,5pm will be DROPPED.

There are three applications we will be using:

  1. Quia Web
  2. Quia Books: Dicho y Hecho 9th edition Activities Manual
  3. Facebook Group (it is Private)

These three applications are coordinated through our class calendar.

Students who fail to participate in the first week's activities in Facebook will be DROPPED.


  1. In this 5 unit course you will learn the foundations of Spanish grammar with constructions and vocabulary to provide a base for further Spanish language studies.  The focus of this course is Spanish grammar and communication skills.  You'll work in the Present tense and the Future tense, although you will be introduced to the Preterite past tense toward the end of the course. Additionally, this course is designed to provide you with information on Hispanic culture, emphasizing the diversity among Spanish-speaking countries.
    This course is five (5) credit units + 1 hour lab because you are working on (and graded on) reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

    You will need to read and review the assigned textbook pages as well as the linked Grammar Note materials as they are listed for each day on the Horario [class schedule].

  2. communicateYou will be concentrating on listening and speaking skills through your lab work. You will prepare for these activities by successfully completing your online lecture, text readings and homework requirements which focus on Reading and Writing skills. These skills will be tested with an in-person Final Exam.

  3. Students are required to connect with our online embedded tutor via Facebook video chat, Skype, or an in-person meeting at least 1 session per month - February, March, April and May. Sessions will last 3-5 minutes (or longer as necessary). The tutor will provide me with feedback each month detailing the meetings in a list of students who have fulfilled this requirement. Failure to connect with the tutor will seriously impact your final grade. Set up your times in advance.

  4. Required Text & Equipment:

  5. Dicho 9th edition cover
    • Dawson: Dicho y Hecho, 9th ed.

    • Dawson: Dicho y Hecho, 9th ed. Quia Books Online Activity Manual: required

    FaceBook is REQUIRED

    This course is taught out of a Private (Secret) Facebook group. You can send a Friend Request to "Profe Lemon". I will verify you on the roster and then add you to the Private group. Or, I will also send you the URL of the Facebook Group and you can request to Join without "friending" me. If you have a nickname for your facebook profile, please message me your actual name along with your Facebook ID.

    • A WebCam and a microphone you can use with your computer is required. There will be recorded video exercises. A high quality phone camera or video camera is also acceptable but you must be familiar with uploading video to Facebook.
    • A set of headphones with a microphone to use with your computer is highly recommended for your oral practice and listening exercises.

    You must be able to submit video recordings that are clearly visible and audible in the Facebook Group. Muffled or dim recordings as well as dark or poorly lit video images for whatever reason will not be accepted for grading. Since I will be watching 100 individual WebCams over and over, while bleary-eyed and wired on 3-5 cups of coffee, I will have the patience of a wounded hyena.

  6. By the end of this course, you will be using all of the material included in the first seven chapters of the text. This is not nearly as intimidating as it may at first appear since the material is progressive, building upon the earlier materials. Once you have a good grasp of the materials in chapter 1, you can apply these in chapter 2; and then you apply the concepts of chapter 1 and 2 in chapter 3. The key is to do a little Spanish each day, rather than doing huge chunks of grammar at one time. This is why there is an Horario with the material scheduled three times a week.

If you are a Native Spanish speaker enrolled in this class, please identify yourself to me as you have several options in how you want to take this class (and it is not harder nor extra work!)

Please note: this course is not a Conversation class. It is a Language Course thoroughly presenting Basic Spanish language structure.