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LIST of Required Materials:

  1. Text Book:

These are the free applications we will be using:

1. Quia Web: uses the same ID & password from

2. Facebook

3. Our Class Calendar (el Horario)

The Grammar Notes Page

How to make Spanish letters & accents

Spelling counts: accented letters are different letters from unaccented letters.

Challenge Boards

Jeopardy review games for each chapter: 1 or 2 player games.

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Helpful reference books

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Critical Course Elements

  1. Live here on the Course Calendar! El Horario is our semester calendar on that posts the readings & homework based on a three day a week MWF class. Each day lists the topics to be reviewed, studied and practiced in order to pace the Independent Study effectively. The topics listed are links to the online lecture material found in the Grammar Notes. The Quia Web practice activities are located in the Yellow Practice Zone of each Grammar Note Reading.
    • Activities listed on the Calendar for QuiaBook link directly to the Online Homework at where you complete online writing Workbook and listening Lab Manual exercises.
    • Activities or quizzes listed on the Calendar for Quia Web link directly to (sign in for credit before beginning the activity.)

Follow the Calendar and you will always keep up and never have to worry about deadline!

2. Our FaceBook Group (REQUIRED) This is our Virtual Classroom where the participation activities take place. I will post topics for discussion and polls for quick check-ins. You can talk with each other about the materials, the topics, the grammar, etc. We will be doing video-comments as well, so be sure you have access to a computer with a good built-in camera or purchase an inexpensive camera to attach to your computer. You can also use your smart phone or tablet if it has that capability (there are Facebook apps for this.) Make sure you have a separate microphone for your laptop or desktop. You may want to purchase a headphone/microphone.

3. TouchBase: You are required to have ONE (1) video chat, Skype, Hangout or in-person session PER MONTH with the online tutor for a semester total of (4) video chat sessions with the online tutor. This means one session during the

  • Fall semester in September; October; and 2 in November (December may be available but tends to be reserved for Final Exam study sessions. Spots are limited.)
  • Spring semester in February; March; April; & May.
  • Sessions will last 5-10 minutes (or longer as necessary). Set up your times in advance. The tutor will provide me with a list each month of students who have fulfilled this requirement. Failure to connect with the tutor will impact your final grade.
  • The best use of your time with the tutor is to practice your webcam presentations with the tutor before you record them in the group. But you can also use the time for questions and other practice. You are free to meet with the tutor more than 4 sessions.

Note: The Final Exam is IN-PERSON

Los exámenes is a link to the material which will be covered on each chapter exam. Again, the material listed under each test is linked back to the Grammar Notes page for more detail and practice.

  • The Syllabus & Course Information includes current class sections information, required text & materials, grading, homework and laboratory policies, suggested reference resources, and the in-person final exam.
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