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Grading Policy

Online work requires that you keep up with and work on the written materials and homework on your own.
Ohlone College has provided a free tutor with whom you will practice on a monthly "Touch-Base" system. I strongly encourage students to meet and practice with each other. I cannot meet daily with each student individually online as this would be individualized private instruction rather than class instruction.

You will be participating at least 2-3 times per week in our Facebook Group which will provide you with class interaction. I will be constantly monitoring your progress and will be available to answer any questions.  Please post course questions in our Facebook Group so others can benefit from the answers to your questions.  You can also message me privately through Facebook, email or Skype.

Fall Semesters: Please feel free to drop in on the Newark in-person class that meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:45 to 12:15am for extra practice or information. The Newark class parallels the online sections.

NOTE: Students who failed to check in with me (via Facebook) or who failed to sign into & purchase the online programs the Sunday prior to the first day of class,  will be DROPPED.

A = 100 - 90% B = 89 - 80% C = 79 - 70%

D = 69 - 60%

F = 59.9 - 0%

The Grading breaks down as follows:

  • 20%  Chapter Quizzes, Online Work (incl. online lecture readings, practice activities, FaceBook and/or Voice Thread activities) and Quia Books Workbook and Lab activities.

  • You must earn a 70% or better of the Online work for this work to count and to pass this course.

  • 20%  Facebook Participation, Oral Video/Web Cam work.

    This is where you can apply what you have learned. You are graded on your content and pronunciation. Content that has been run through an online translator (it's painfully obvious) constitutes Academic Dishonesty and will be reported to the appropriate Deans. If you score less than a 70% total on your video assignments, none of your online grades will count. Also, please remember that this oral assignments grade will be factored into your grade ONLY if you score a 70.0% or higher on the final exam.
  • You are required to have ONE (1) video chat session with the online tutor PER Month for a semester total of (4) video chat sessions with the online tutor. This means one session during the
      • Fall semester in August or September; October; November; & December
      • Spring semester in February; March; April; & May.
    • Your best use of your time with the tutor is to practice your webcam presentations before you record them in the group. But you can also use the time for questions and other practice. You are free to meet with the tutor more than 4 sessions.

      You must earn a 70% or better on the Video submissions for any of the other online grades to be factored in.

      This is not a high school test-based course. Language is skill-based, like a sport or dance. Practice, practice, practice for the In-person final performance!

  • 60% In-Person Final Examination

    You must earn a 70.0% or better on the final exam for any of the other grades to be factored in. Earning a 69.9% or less on the Final Exam results automatically in a failing grade for the course regardless of the results of any other work completed. You CANNOT pass this course without succesfully earning at least a 70% on the Final Exam.

You are responsible for reading the assigned pages of the text, reviewing the Horario, reading the assigned Grammar Notes pages, writing out the related exercises from the online materials & logging into activities. It is helpful to read the dialogues and articles out loud.

The textbook and the website provide detailed explanations of the grammar. The practice exercises provide you with opportunities to test your knowledge and skills before attempting the homework and any other graded activities.

Check the Spanish 101A Online Independent Study Horario [schedule] to find what pages to read in the text, what materials to read online in the Grammar Notes pages and what Practice Activities to use. You also need to check the Quia Books Homework website. 

Late and/or incomplete homework is not accepted for grade credit (this is computer-controlled;) however, it is always best to do the online activities in order to increase your language abilities.

  • Copying from the Answer Key prompts of the any computer exercises or any written exercises, ANY copied or plagarized work, work submitted that is not your own, clicking "I have completed this exercise" when the computer tracking shows you have not done this exercise, and/or any other form of Academic Dishonesty will result in a zero on the copied or plagiarized work as well as any work submitted prior to this work. The student will receive an F for all online homework to date. The student also may be dropped from the course, receive an F for a final grade and will be reported to the appropriate Deans.

  • DO NOT click on "Submit" for any exercise unless you have genuinely attempted the exercise. If you have not finished an exercise or decide you don't want to do it, click on "Previous", "Next", or "Back".

    Submitting exercises without doing the exercise or typing quick incomplete answers in order to get the answers will result in a zero (F) on all work to date and a report will be sent to the appropriate deans with copies of your computer transcript. You will be ineligible to take the final exam. You will probably be dropped by your instructor.

  • Students cheating on Exams (copying, soliciting answers, cheatsheets of any form, cellphones in sight, etc.) will receive an F on all work to date and will receive an F as the final grade. A formal report will be filed with the appropriate Deans and a permanent copy will be placed in the student file.
  • Submitting previously done or submitted work or work done by another person will result in the student being dropped from the course and/or receiving an F with a formal report to the appropriate Deans and a permanent copy will be placed in the student file.
  • Any other form of Academic Dishonesty (incl. but not limited to, falsifying communication to/from the instructor, false attendance claims, etc.) will result in an F as the final grade as well as formal reports filed with the appropriate Deans, and a permanent copy will be place in the student file.

Make-up Policy : There are no make-ups.